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#BridalGuides: Do’s and Don’ts for the Wedding Day

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • January 6, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

We have mentioned this a hundred times in our previous blogs, that being a bride is not easy. Plus, things get a little more difficult when it’s the D-Day! You must have been waiting for the most special day of your life since childhood and that makes it even more overwhelming. There must be millions of emotions and thoughts that must be striking your mind on your wedding day and in all that madness you have to be a little careful and avoid any kind of goof-ups on the most important day of your life. So, to help you make your wedding day go smooth we listed down some Do’s and Don’ts for all you brides… 

You can thank us later!

Here are some important Do’s

  • Begin your day with your favourite kind of music that can totally cheer you up for the most important day of your life. We suggest you go for some peppy tunes that will bring energy to you for the day
  • Just confirm the timings once again with your Wedding photographer as well as MUA
  • Arrange all the things required by your makeup artist beforehand to avoid any kind of last-minute chaos
  • Use loo the before getting all decked up as it may get a little difficult after wearing that heavy lehenga
  • Eat some light snacks before getting dressed up! It is really important to feed yourself as it will be easy for you to go through the whole day
  • Take out some moments and spend quality time with your bride squad, family or the pet
  • Stick with the look that pre-decided with your MUA as it might confuse you even more and may even end up unfavourable for you 

Here are some important Don’ts

  • Don’t let too many people be there for you while getting ready as it may disturb or distract your MUA or hairstylist
  • Avoid adding any new tasks in to-do list on your wedding day! There are chances that you may not be able to do, which can further stress you on your D-day
  • Don’t make your photographer, as well as MUA, wait as they have other commitments too. So try to be punctual
  • Avoid washing your hair on the wedding day as it gets a little unmanageable which will make it difficult for your stylist in doing that updo
  • Just stay away from oily food, as they might make your uncomfortable later in the day 
  • Avoid uncomfortable heels
  • Last, but not the least don’t fret too much, and think negative about anything

PS- Just try to be happy and positive to have the best time of your life at the wedding!

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