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#FNPGuides: Silly mistakes every bride should avoid on their wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 16, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

You must be planning your wedding look for months including your wedding lehenga, makeup, jewellery as well as hair and what not. There won’t be any little detail of your look that you must have not planned to look perfect on your D-day! But, still after so much preps and planning, there are some things that doesn’t go as you planned. It can be anything such as wrong makeup choices, ill-fitted blouse or uncomfortable shoes or even some bridal hairstyles that can ruin your wedding day look. But, you don’t need to panic as there are some tips that you can follow to avoid any glitches on your wedding functions. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you can avoid committing on your wedding day…

Going OTT with the makeup

We know, it’s your wedding and you want to look totally different on your wedding day. But TBH, you have to have a little control over yourself and try to look yourself on your most special day. We really suggest you to not asking your makeup artist to change the way you look. We are not stopping you from experimenting but still try to enhance what you already got. Try to steer clear of dark & bold lips or heavy lashes & heavier hair extensions that can make you uncomfortable. 

Avoiding makeup, hair and outfit trials

You just can’t afford to enter in your wedding in an ill-fitted outfit or makeup that doesn’t go with your lehenga. To avoid this, you have to take trials seriously. You just can’t miss outfit as well as makeup trials and procrastinating it till the last moment. This will result in panic-stricken moments. Therefore, go for your trials to avoid any last-minute shocks!

Uncoordinated outfit and jewellery

Your wedding lehenga, as well as your jewellery, should be well-coordinated as in they should complement each other. If you are going for an embellished blouse with zero necklines go for a lighter blouse with less or no embellishments or opt for a v-neck or a sweetheart blouse neckline, then a heavy necklace will make you look stunning. It is always advised to buy your jewellery later, as per the blouse neckline, the colour of your lehenga, face shape & other important factors that we discussed earlier in this blog

Cakey foundation

This is the most common mistake made by brides nowadays. All they end up lathering their face with too many layers of foundation. We know, this being done to hide unwanted acne spots and blemishes but it can end up looking all cakey. You will be able to see those cracks on your face because of sweat, leaving your face all sticky and worn-out. Therefore, too much of the foundation is a strict no-no!

Uncomfortable heels

Yes, we know you can even run in your heels, but we would suggest you avoid uncomfortable heels on your wedding day. Your lehenga would be too heavy and those high heels can add up to all that discomfort.  You can even end up having a couple of shoe bites which can annoy you on your wedding day so try to keep your high heels at rest. You can go for something comfortable instead or for block heels or even platforms.

Forgetting about the emergency kit

You should never ever forget an emergency bridal kit. During those wedding preps, make a small emergency bridal kit containing makeup essentials, bobby pins, facial tissues, sanitary pads, band-aids and other important stuff for the wedding day. To know more about these emergency kits read this

Everything too matched up 

Always go for contrasting colours on your wedding. Don’t go for red lips, red lehenga, red blouse, red dupatta, red footwear altogether. It’s advised to include contrasting elements like golden embellishments, a different coloured dupatta, jewels & other contrasting elements to avoid going over the top with one single colour.

P.S. Don’t stress too much about your looks! Too much stress can show on your face that can ruin your wedding pictures. Just be confident and happy to get the best pictures on your wedding day.

Just make sure you pay attention to these detail diligently to avoid any glitches on your wedding day!

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