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How to celebrate your first Diwali after marriage?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 25, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

The festival of Diwali holds a very special place in every heart, but when it’s your first Diwali as a married couple after your wedding then it gets even more special. You must be celebrating the festival before getting married at your place with your family’s customs but there are chances that some of the rituals may differ at your in-laws. It will be a whole new experience for you at your first Diwali. Also, there are chances that you would be excited as well as a little confused about how to celebrate you first Diwali with your new family. 

So, we created an essential to-do list to have a fun at the most exciting festival… 

Go shopping with your in-laws

The best thing to do for pre-Diwali preps is to go shopping and it would be a good idea if you do it with your in-laws especially your mom-in-law. It would be a good chance to be a part of all the preparations and also get acquainted with the way of celebrations at your new home. 

Light up the house 

As it is the festival of lights, then you should light up your new home with some beautiful diyas, candles, LED chains, chandeliers as well as Chinese lamps. This will amp up the beauty of the house and make a good background for stunning Diwali pictures.

Organize a Diwali Party

As it would be your first Diwali therefore you can throw a nice party to celebrate it with your new family and their extended family. It would be great chance to get closer to the family and have a good time. You can also cook nice meals for your guests and also have  a cards party to add more fun as well as entertainment to it! 

Gift something special to your in-laws

You must be exchanging gifts with your family before getting married but now things have changed, you have to shop for your in-laws and new extended family members as well. You can take help husband about their likes as well as dislikes and then get the gifts accordingly. It would be sweet gesture from your side on this auspicious festival.  

Pro tip: Above all, you will be performing the Diwali puja as a married couple for the first time which is even more meaningful and memorable. So, make sure to do every arrangement properly so that you don’t miss out on any ritual.

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