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How to Get the Best Engagement Ring Selfie?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 18, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

If you got engaged, you must be dying to share the big news with the world. There is no better way of doing it than announcing your social media with a beautiful ring selfie. Now you must be thinking what it is or how can you get it. Trust us, it is the trendiest as well as the most amazing way to share that big news with your loved ones by uploading the picture with that big rock on your ring finger. 

Anyone can do it and that too in the best way even if you are that much into selfies. Just follow the below-mentioned tips on how to get the best engagement selfie!

The Right Light and Angle

The most important things to get the right picture are the light as well as the angle. It is advised to take the picture in the natural sunlight as dim lights can make the picture look all blurry. Also, choose an angle that will highlight the best things about your ring. The most important thing to keep in mind while taking the picture is to skip the flash!

Manicured or Beautified Nails 

We know your ring would be the star of the picture, but you can’t avoid the way your hand and nails are looking. In the case of a surprise proposal use a creative pose that will just highlight your ring. Otherwise apply a pretty nail paint or get a your nails nicely done to make it look even more attractive.

Stunning Background

Take a little cue from the famous travel bloggers about capturing the stunning backgrounds for the pictures. You can go for a stunning skyline, some patterned pillow or a cuppa coffee as the backdrop for your ring selfie.


A Bit of Edit and Corrections

After taking a picture, you can correct it with some edits like changing its contrast or brightness to make it look perfect. You can crop it and also play with its sharpness as well as saturation to correct them in the best way. 


Filters to the rescue

After all those edits, if you still feel something is not right then go for those creative filters in Instagram that will look like if they are clicked by some professional photographer. 

These tips will surely help you flaunt your engagement ring in the best way… So get ready to take all those wishes and compliments over your pictures… 

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