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How to Prevent a Wedding Day Beauty Meltdown?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • November 20, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day without any goof ups. Just like them even you must have dreamt of your wedding day look to be on point. But there are certain unavoidable things that can turn your dream into nightmare. Fret not! There is no makeup goof up that can’t be handled. We all are aware of the fact that there will be hours spent on getting that perfect look for your wedding, therefore you can’t afford any last minute glitches. 

If you are getting married in the hot months between April to September, then you really need to have a kit of heat-proof products that will help you get through your wedding day smoothly. This kit should contain water-resistant products that will help your makeup to stay steady for a longer period of time. Plus, these waterproof makeup tends to be heavier and thicker, so it is suggested to use them just for eyes, lips and brows. You can use any foundation or other face makeup products as a good setting spray will take care of it, so don’t worry!

Here is a list of some water-proof products that you add in your kit! 


When it comes to eyeliner, you should go for a gel-based formula which is not only easy to apply but also smudge-free. After application, it dries off and stays as it is.

Lip Stain

A lip stain will surely be your best friend on your wedding. This glossy stain lasts for a really long time and give you maximum shine factor! 


In our earlier blogs too, we have mentioned again and again to use waterproof mascara on your wedding. Being a bride you may get a little emotional at various moments. Also, if you’re getting married in summers, then also this product will be a saviour. 

Brow Mousse

Trust us, your brows need a little extra attention in hot weather. They would get sweaty therefore you can use a waterproof mousse that will keep them looking on-point. 


Eye makeup tends to get smudgy in hot weather. So, get your make applied with a chubby stick that will help it to keep perfect and crease-free throughout the event. Such kind of application looks a little creamy at first and then it dries for a look that won’t budge. 

We hope these products will help you handle your wedding day like a pro!

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