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Important things that no one tells you about wedding makeup

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 11, 2020
  • 3 minutes read



Being the bride-to-be whenever the thought of wedding crosses your mind, the first thing you would think that will pop up is your bridal look. You must have dreamt of looking all regal in your stunning bridal outfit as well as best of your makeup posing for those gorgeous bridal portrait pictures. However, there will be so many details of your bridal look starting from outfits to perfect jewellery makeup and hair that needs all the attention! The most important thing that really needs to be perfect is your makeup but even after trials, there are certain things that you will get to know at your D-day only!

You must have even prepped yourself for the most important day of your life but there are certain things that you need to know about your wedding day hair and makeup.



Reach before the time for your makeup


Getting wedding ready is not an easy task plus it is gonna take so much time to look all perfect. There are chances that your trial got over in an hour but then on the actual day it makes take much longer than that, so do keep an hour’s time extra between getting ready! This will give you extra time to double-check your makeup and see everything’s in place.




Get dressed up at the end


Many you brides-to-be must not be aware of this sequence but you need to follow- makeup-blouse-hair-lehenga and then dupatta. Makeup needs to be done at first and then you need to put on the blouse before getting started with hair. This sequence may be an obvious thing but you really don’t need to panic if you forgot this on your wedding day! So, just note it on your phone that will be your companion all the time.



Be open to change


You must have decided your makeup or hairstyle but there are chances that you want to make little changes while getting ready so you can share your views with MUA or hairstylist! Trust us, they won’t take any offence if you find something OTT or subtle and all you need to do is be open with them. Don’t try to make changes on your own, instead, tell them what you want.



Wash your hair a night before the D-day!


We would strongly advise you to ask this from your hairstylist if you can wash your hair a night before or not as this depends upon the style that you want on your wedding day.

If you’re going for curls or waves, then freshly washed hair can become slick so washing them a night before will give your little extra natural grip as well as hold. In case of a blow-dried style then it might not be necessary.



Try to have control over your emotions


This getting ready time will be your own time so, just focus on yourself only and concentrate on looking as well as feeling your best as it is the most special day of your life!



We hope these things will prep you in the best way while decking up for your big day!



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