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What are the common mistakes made by the brides while trousseau shopping and how to avoid them?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 11, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Getting married is one of the biggest things in a girl’s life. She needs to prepare herself not for only the D-Day but also life after that. In all that planning she really needs to pay attention to her trousseau. Wedding trousseau not just includes clothes, but it also has other things such as makeup, shoes, bags and what not! Trust us, selecting the right trousseau is no child’s play. It requires serious planning as you need to avoid unnecessary stuff while overlooking the essentials. Just like how we told you about essentials for the makeup trousseau, we bring to you some mistakes that every bride-to-be makes while selecting her bridal trousseau.

Buying too fitted clothes

This doesn’t mean you have to buy outfits that are one size lose, but they should not be very fitted too. There will is a fair chance that you may gain a few inches because of elaborate lunches and late-night honeymoon binges. This will further force you to get your expensive trousseau outfits altered that soon, which is quite heart-breaking.

Excessive shopping for honeymoon

Believe it or not, but your honeymoon will end sooner than your expectations. Therefore, only pick up outfits for the exact days of your vacation. Trust us, you won’t get much of chance for wearing such clothes.

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Only going with trends

We would suggest you not to buy the season’s IT trends. Go for classics as they will come handy even when the latest fashion fades off. This holds true, particularly for heavier outfits.

Not buying casual clothes

You will be needing ethnic as well as western casual clothes for so many ceremonies, office, movie nights or hanging out with friends. So don’t just invest heavily one type of attire. Buy a variety like shirts, knee length dresses, cotton kurtas, trousers, a pair of silver earrings, a few classic stoles are trousseau staples that should not be forgotten.

Going fancy instead of comfort for footwears

Don’t go overboard with heels. Invest in ballerinas, wedges, kitten heels, juttis, kolhapuris and a few pair of flats too. Also keep in mind, that your shoe collection should have colours that easily team up with any outfit. 

Avoiding Toiletries

We totally understand that trousseau shopping would be exhausting. But in all that chaos, don’t forget to buy all the important stuff such as toothbrush, facial cleansers, hairbrush, hair fixers, hair straighteners, towelettes, and the list is endless! 

Stocking too much 

It’s a strict NO-NO! Don’t do the mistake of stocking up on your favourite products as they will get expired in some time. Also, check the expiry dates of the products that you are ordering online. 

P.S.  Don’t worry too much or fret about trousseau shopping! You are just Worrying too much getting married, not escaping to an island. If you missed something, you can always buy it later. 

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