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What are the duties of a bridesmaid?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 23, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Being a bride is not a piece of cake. In all that wedding planning madness, you also need to take care of your lehenga, makeup, trousseau, booking vendors and whatnot. The best choice amongst all the people around you to confide in are your bridesmaids. They can be your knights in shining armours that will help you go through all this smoothly. We totally understand even being a bridesmaid is also a little overwhelming, but they are the ones who can keep the bride all sorted and relieved during the wedding. 

So, here is a list of duties of the bridesmaids which brides expect from theirs…

Organizing a fun bachelorette

A bride’s bachelorette should not be missed as it’s the last vacation or the party before tying the knot. Therefore, it’s the bridesmaids’ duty to organize the most memorable bachelorette for their bride-to-be friend. 

Make your decision-making process easy

Bridesmaids should become the confidants of the bride that can help to make certain wedding-related decisions easily. They should sit with you and discuss what you want in your wedding such as bridal entry, kind of makeup, lehenga and the list goes on. Plus, the bridesmaids can be your therapists too as they will be there to distract from all the wedding chaos too.  

Not letting you turn into a bridezilla

Again, bridesmaids will be the one who will listen to you and help you vent out all the frustration. They will be your chill pill then will stop you turning into a bridezilla. So, be in touch with them all the time to make it easy for you. 

Handle some wedding-related tasks

There would be a long list of wedding related tasks that needed to be done in a short period of time and you can’t bother your parents for everything. Therefore, you should trust your bridesmaids to be your extra pairs of hands. They will help you out in doing everything in time. You just need to distribute tasks amongst them and make them responsible for one or the other task.

Be the bride’s shadow on the wedding day

The duties will go on at the D-Day as well! The bridesmaids should be available to help with all kinds of last-minute tasks, and they should take the role of secondary hosts as well. They should keep you calm and make you eat as well as drink on such a whirlwind day. 

P.S.- Just rely on your bride squad, they will surely help you to be bridechilla on your most special day!

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