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What are the duties of Groomsmen?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 13, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

We always talk about bridesmaids and their duties, but now it’s time to give importance to the groomsmen who are no less than saviours, especially the groom’s brother or best friend. They are the most important people and a great support for the groom during all the wedding planning madness as well as wedding functions. There are a lot of things that are taken care by them. So, if you are the one and your brother or closest bud is getting married then here is a list of all things that you must as the groomsman… 

Bookmark this list to make the groom’s journey easy during his wedding!

The mandatory things- Bachelor party as well as cocktail party preps

This should be on the top of the list of your duties. A guy’s wedding is incomplete without a rocking bachelor’s as well as a cocktail party. You have to throw a killer bachelor party to give him the best time of his life before getting married. When it comes to cocktail, you have to book the best DJ as well as take care of the alcohol to rock that party. 

Be his shopping buddy

Yes, we know you guys hate shopping but do tag along with the groom so that he can get all his outfits before time. Plus, help them choose their attires, by telling them how they look and with that also go with them for the final fittings.  

Take care of his Hangovers

After that exciting bachelor’s as well as the cocktail party you have to be you just don’t have to be groom’s hangover buddy but also help him cure it. Also, make sure he is able to reach his home safely and sleeps properly.


Dancing away in his baraat

Being next to the main man at the wedding, you have to lead the way dancing at the baraat. That group dancing at the baraat sets the right mood as well as adds swag to the groom’s side entering into the wedding venue.


Managing all the vendors

This can be a little hectic for the groom, so being the brother or best friend, you have to manage as well as coordinate with all the wedding vendors. This vendor list can include photographer, band and ghori and so on. So, take all the responsibility and manage them properly. 

Prepping his Emergency Kit

Trust us, just like brides, grooms can also have last-minute emergencies therefore, they will also need an emergency kit. Now, you must be thinking of what things should be in the groom’s emergency kit? You can add items such as extra cash, power bank, another pair of shoes or kurtas, miniature bottles, dry snacks as well as a mini first aid pouch and medication for any kind of emergencies. 

Handling all the money negotiations with the bridesmaids

Last, but not the least, negotiations with bridesmaids over money they will demand upon ribbon cutting as well as joota chupaai. You have to brush up your negotiation skills as bridesmaids don’t give up easily and you have to get back groom’s robbed shoes. 

As the groomsmen, make the day even more special for brother and ensure that he has fun and enjoy everything without stressing about anything.

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