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Important Things To Ask During Arranged Marriage’s Rishta Meetings

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 23, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

It’s not an easy task to go through the whole process of an arranged marriage. Plus, these rishta meetings are also a bit stressful. They are awkward not only for the girls but also even for the guys. Previously, we gave you tips on how to survive rishta meetings in an arranged marriage as part of an attempt to make this easier for you. Now here are some tips on things to ask a guy during your first meeting. His response will help you see if he really is the one for you. Read on…

What did he like to do in his free time?

Trust us, this is an amazing icebreaker. Just ask about his hobbies as well as things he likes to indulge in. You can also make this conversation going on by asking about the places he has travelled. This way you can discover common interests and share your experiences as well.

Ask about his food preferences

Food preferences matter a lot. Ask whether he is a vegetarian or can’t survive without non-vegetarian food, his favourite cuisines and favourite places he loves dining at. 

His views upon drinking and smoking

You may be a strict non-smoker and non-drinker yourself, but you can’t force one’s opinions and judgement onto. If you like to wine and dine every once in a while, but a guy who is dead against it then it would be difficult to share your life with him. Therefore, it is really important to be on the same page. 

His work

Your parents must have talked about his profession is, but it’s important to know from the horse’s mouth. Ask about his daily routine at work, how much he loves his work, his long-term work goals. Such things say a lot about a guy. Plus, you will also get to know about his sense of responsibility.

What kind of partner does he want?

After all those warm-up questions, just ask that million-dollar question – what does he expects from his life partner. His answer will give you a fair idea of what he’s thinking is like and whether you fit in that or not. 

Will he or his family be ok with you working after marriage?

If you are an ambitious girl then this would surely be a big deal for you. So do ask this question during the first meeting itself and set things straight!

Discuss yours and his hard limits. Are you both good with that?

Can’t imagine marrying a guy who doesn’t share the same love for travel? Or what if he is not a highly social person and one who loves a fun night out, but the guy doesn’t have the same idea about fun. If these things don’t match then you may have some difficulties. So do clarify everything!

We hope this arranged marriage guide and rishta meetings tips help you survive your meetings. Do let us know in the comments if it helped.

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